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Old’ (or ‘Former Main’) Post Office, Torquay

Client: Tesco Metro
Authority: Torbay Borough

This Tesco Metro application was located within the Torquay Harbour Conservation Area and consisted of the re-development of the site, applications for planning permission, Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area Consent.

The three applications provided for the restoration of the existing buildings on the site, one of which is Grade II Listed; demolitions, extensions and the Change of Use consent for the ground floor and part of the first floor of the unlisted building to allow Class A1 retail use., and also the provision of residential accommodation on the other upper parts, these being the rest of the first-floor and the second- and third-floors.

The application was approved for a net retail sales area of 938 sq.m. (10,096 sq.ft.), with the residential component consisting of 4 studio flats, 6 1-bed flats and 12 2-bed flats.

The decision by the Royal Mail to re-locate its postal delivery sorting office to Broomhill Way created a unique opportunity to strengthen the retail facilities within this part of the town centre and provide good quality residential accommodation, whilst also bringing about significant conservation and regeneration benefits to the town centre.

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