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Various Retail Impact Assessments

Clients: Wyncote Developments plc, Glasswells of East Anglia, Lucas World of Furniture, North Downs Property Partnership, Olympian Homes, Tesco Stores Limited, and Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and others.
Authorities: nationwide

We have prepared Retail Impact Assessments in support of numerous developments including neighbourhood convenience stores, flagship non-food retail stores, out-of-centre foodstores, and town centre redevelopment projects.

Our Retail Impact Assessments have contributed to many successful planning permissions, including:

- a mixed-use scheme in Ruxley Lane, Ewell  for North Downs Property Partnership which included a neighbourhood foodstore and 35 flats.

- a Sainsbury's Local foodstore with flats above in Magdalen Road Earlsfield in the London Borough of Wandsworth.

- a major extension to Glasswell’s out-of-town furniture and housewares store in Bury St Edmunds late in 1997. A core part of the work we did related to organising and analysing a survey of customers in what turned out to be a 60 minute catchment area. We used this information to demonstrate to St Edmundsbury Borough Council that Glasswells is a big draw to the town, generating substantial linked / spin-off shopping and that the proposals would have minimal effect on the retail health, vitality and viability of Bury St Edmunds or any other town centre.


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